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Step 3: Total Cost & Product Acquisition

Now that you know what products you will need to complete your project with, we will now determine how much of it you will need, what it will cost, and how best to acquire it. By filling in the highlighted boxes with the requested information, an estimate can be generated for the total cost of your project in addition to a recommendation for how to obtain it.

Project Information
Enter the dimensions of your project
Width Length Thickness     
(Feet) (Feet) Inches
Product Information
Chose your product. The standard compaction is prefilled, but can be modified if desired.
Select Product
Compaction %  
Delivery / Pickup Information
To determine what acquisition method is most economical for your situation, we will need to gather information both for delivery and customer pickup. Enter the delivery information as though you are going to have your product delivered; enter the customer pickup information as though you are going to pick your product up with your own vehicle. From this information, we can then recommend the most economical method for you to acquire your product.

Alderbrook Delivery
Delivery Truck
Time from pit Hrs (round trip)
Personal Vehicle Information (Customer Pickup)
Truck Type
Vehicle Fuel Economy miles per gallon
Current Pump Prices USD per gallon
Other Costs (non fuel) USD per mile
Distance from pit miles (one way)
You're Done!
Once all of the above information has been correctly entered, select calculate project below.

Alderbrook Cost Estimate
The following estimate has been provided based off of the above information. Although we do our best to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information, unexpected errors and incorrect user entries can affect the quality of this estimate. This is not in any way an official or binding estimate.
Product Details
Rock Density (lbs/yd3)...............
Total Tons Required (tons).........
Product Pricing Details
Product Price Per Ton (tons)....... $
Total Product Cost (USD)........... $                $20 minimum charge
Acquisition Details
Pickup Delivery
Payload Capacity (tons).............
Total Loads Required (loads).......
Total Trucking Cost (USD).......... $ $
Estimated Final Cost (USD)......... $ $
We have determined that the most economical way for you to acquire this product is to have it

Doing so will will save you approximately $