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Step 2: Determine Required Products
Roads and Driveways

Permits and specifications
Requirements and specifications for roads and driveways are subject to jurisdiction. If you are joining your road or driveway to a county or  city road, you will need a Road Approach Permit. Contact the jurisdiction in which your road or driveway will be built for more information.

Roads and driveways are composed of two layers known as "base coarse" and "top course". Base coarse is the base layer of the road or driveway and top course is the top, final rock layer of the road or driveway. Ground that is soft will require larger base course.

Base Course
Typical base course used 3 inch minus. 6 inch minus may be required for soft ground and quarry spalls are often used to permit better draining.

Top Course
Typical top coarse used is 1 1/4 inch minus or 5/8 inch minus. Track rock is also common (5/8" to 1 1/4" clean).

Soft or muddy ground